Combining numerous functional movements with cardio, strength and conditioning exercises, the Functional Circuit is designed to challenge the body respectfully through high repetition and light resistance, in order to enhance mobility, endurance, strength and cardio performance.

The class begins with mobility warm up exercises before entering a circuit comprising a variety of workout stations that are constantly changing to keep the class interesting, creative and fun.

This style of training will maximise your fitness, boost your metabolism, increase core power, create strong legs, glutes, arms and shoulders, improve flexibility and promote a resilient body, mind and spirit.

Our highly experienced instructors give plenty of options for various levels of fitness and also take into account any individual physical limitations in order to make the class enjoyable, beneficial and rewarding for everyone. You will finish the class on a high!

Suitable for beginners to fitter individuals who will be challenged.

Functional Circuits are a really fun way to exercise! They are as hard or easy as you want to make them, but with the motivation of interval training, the enthusiasm and support of experienced instructors and the fun vibe of the class, you are sure to leave the class satisfied and with a big smile of achievement on your face!
— Lisa, Secondary School Teacher and Ex-Dancer