Stu has a long history and strong pedigree in coaching, psychology, health and fitness. As a former British Royal Marines Commando, he has developed a unique range of coaching and leadership skills that have proven effective in a diverse range of international settings over the past decade. These experiences culminate in an ability to enquire, observe and understand his clients' individual health needs and to develop programs that support them in achieving long-term wellbeing success. Stu believes in training from the inside out, with respect and compassion. His classes are designed to gently challenge clients; quietly developing confidence, competence and vastly increase their personal capability.

Stu's journey began at the age of 6, when he started gymnastics and was immediately taken to the physical expression and mental discipline that it taught. As a young man trying to find an outlet for his boundless energy and enthusiasm, Stu applied for, and attained the highly regarded green beret of the Royal Marines Commandos. Serving in this special forces unit, he learnt even more about the power of the mind in overcoming physical and emotional obstacles as well as the important role that leadership of self and others plays in achieving extraordinary performance.

After many years practicing different forms of fitness, including elite levels of jujitsu, MMA, rugby, kayaking and adventure sport challenges, Stu delved in the art of yoga to compliment his competitive sports training regime, as well as his profession as a fitness trainer and in which he soon discovered that yoga was more than just a physical exercise and found that his mind and spirit were becoming awakened to a whole new way of being. Now sharing the ancient teachings as an instructor of yoga he sees his clients feeling elated rather than exhausted, bringing a sense of wellbeing and balance that is much needed to combat the stresses of the modern world.

With an impressive list of career achievements including becoming the fitness and team development coach for the Oracle BMW Racing team for the 2000 - 2003 Americas Cup, Stu decided to pursue a career as a leadership development consultant and is currently a lead facilitator with the United Nations World Food Program, Oil Search PNG and numerous other companies for which he travels globally, delivering leadership training.

Stu is passionate about supporting others to achieve their ‘best life’ through the development of personal leadership skills and increased levels of health and wellbeing. It is with this philosophy that Stu and his partner in life, Julie, opened Powerlife Whole Health Studio in Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast in which they call home.


Julie Kradolfer | Co-Founder and General Manager

With a life-long passion for fitness, health and nutrition, Julie was destined to create a special connection with the ancient practice of yoga. After discovering its multitude of benefits, Julie gradually replaced her rigorous gym-junkie routine, resigned from the corporate world and welcomed yoga into her heart and daily life.

After training with renowned yoga teachers Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga, Julie found her passion for teaching an energising, yet calming practice which is able to penetrate deep into all the organs and systems of the body to revitalise, rejuvenate, relax and restore.

Julie’s teaching style is dynamic and passionate, warm and attentive to individual needs which has evolved over the years from her own yoga experiences as a student, on-going tuition from renowned trainers and a desire to craft yoga classes that are interesting, creative and free flowing - allowing participants to continually expand, grow, and evolve their practice. Her aim as a teacher is to transform her students' practice on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally with clients leaving Julie's classes feeling a sense of strength and inner-calm.

At first yoga was just a physical practice for Julie, another way to be fit and strong, as well as a great way to tame an active mind. However, she soon felt benefits on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. Julie found that she no longer yearned for beauty on the outside, but instead craved for the blissful, quiet, serenity from within. Learning to “feel” more than “think”. “Be” more than “do”.

In her classes, Julie promotes an atmosphere of trust and caring, which is a primary focus across all aspects of Powerlife. Her poses are modified to suit each person, rather than trying to modify the person to suit the pose - this helps each individual to find the safest and most effective way to practice, with compassion and without judgment.

In Julie's own words "I don’t take yoga too seriously. I highly respect the ancient practice, but I also understand that for a newbie, the yoga room can be a daunting place, so I like to bring a little lightness of heart, happiness, fun and nurture to every class".


Sarah bloomfield | Yoga instructor

After 15 years working in the health industry as a dietitian and nutritionist, Sarah's love of yoga grew after becoming a mother to two gorgeous daughters. While juggling the expectations of parenthood, a career and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this fast paced world, she began to recognise the power that regular yoga practice has in connecting all of theses facets together in a holistic way.

Sarah completed her yoga teacher training and began incorporating mindfulness-based philosophy into a modern practice. She continues to extend her professional growth through her clients, and by embracing opportunities to expand her training.

Sarah offers dynamic and uplifting sequences focused on creating unison between breath and movement, cultivating a strong body, clear mind and an open heart.


kirsten twidale | personal trainer

Trying to get Kirsten to talk about her success is nearly as challenging as one of her training sessions!

As one of the top ranked gymnasts in the UK (5th), she was a reserve for the boycotted Moscow Olympics 1980. Kirsten competed at the very highest international level in numerous countries until her retirement in 1982.

Capitalising on her amazing knowledge of the body and mind, Kirsten pioneered aerobics in London, establishing a huge following in multiple venues. Kirsten managed a Health and Fitness Club in Woolwich, London where she utilised her expertise and inspirational nature to motivate the members and also private clients.

Kirsten moved to Australia in 1994 where she specialised in Personal Training and group circuit training with a variety of prominent Sydney identities. With her honest no-nonsense approach and empathic nature, Kirsten quickly became well established.

What makes Kirsten unique is her strength of character and her resilience. After her first child, her family moved to St George (outback Queensland) where again she pioneered PT and Fitness for the first time in the town.

Kirsten and her family moved to Sunshine Coast in 2004 after the birth of her second child, where again she pioneered Aqua Aerobics and established a PT clientele.

Kirsten’s key strengths are her ability to connect and inspire a broad range of people, through leading by example. Her resilience and strength is unmistakable yet her desire to support and assist capitalizes on her vast experience over 30+ years.

Kirsten's sessions are effective, inspirational and fun.


Jinet Travers | Yoga Instructor

For Jinet, being a student and practitioner of yoga for over 30 years has helped her to stay connected to what she feels is vital for life.

Jinet believes that health and wellbeing, movement, breath and stillness all come back to consistent yoga practice. Having trained as a classical dancer, gaining a Diploma of Education in Dance and qualifying for a Yoga Teaching Diploma, Jinet has been instructing yoga classes for 15 years.

A solid foundation for practice, correct breathing and alignment principles are integral to what she loves to teach, as well as promoting the joy of yoga and all it's subtle and more obvious benefits.

Jinet loves helping people connect to their true selves through understanding the art of yoga.

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Astrid De Ruiter | Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher

Astrid is a registered counsellor/psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher with 10 years of experience. Astrid is passionate about the therapy process as a catalyst for change, healing and growth, and has a deep trust in people’s own capacities to overcome their difficulties. She has found the combination of mindfulness meditation and counselling/psychotherapy a very powerful one, leading to much faster and deeper changes than either of those modalities by itself.

Astrid has a special interest in the interconnectedness of mind and body, which partially sprung from her own experience of living as a disembodied (and very over-active!) mind for the first 30 or so years of her life, and the profound changes and benefits she experienced when learning to  be embodied.

Astrid’s style of counselling is gentle, caring and attentive, and people often comment that they find it easy to talk to her. Astrid draws on a range of psychotherapeutic modalities, for more information on these, please have a look at our psychotherapy page.

“I am known for being kind and a good listener, spoiling my dog (and any other animals I get a chance to), teaching mindfulness, loving gardening, getting a little carried away sometimes with the amount of things-to-do I take on”.

 “My Motto. It’s about really living life: feeling authentic and alive, and that you are expressing who and what you really are, not about how long you live”. 

Cant live without connections to like-minded people and to nature. 

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me. This could be anywhere! I enjoy the freedom that comes with being self-employed”.