Stu has a long history and strong pedigree in coaching, psychology, health and fitness. As a former British Royal Marines Commando, he has developed a unique range of coaching and leadership skills that have proven effective in a diverse range of international settings over the past decade. These experiences culminate in an ability to enquire, observe and understand his clients' individual health needs and to develop programs that support them in achieving long-term wellbeing success. Stu believes in training from the inside out, with respect and compassion. His classes are designed to gently challenge clients; quietly developing confidence, competence and vastly increase their personal capability.

Stu's journey began at the age of 6, when he started gymnastics and was immediately taken to the physical expression and mental discipline that it taught. As a young man trying to find an outlet for his boundless energy and enthusiasm, Stu applied for, and attained the highly regarded green beret of the Royal Marines Commandos. Serving in this special forces unit, he learnt even more about the power of the mind in overcoming physical and emotional obstacles as well as the important role that leadership of self and others plays in achieving extraordinary performance.

After many years practicing different forms of fitness, including elite levels of jujitsu, MMA, rugby, kayaking and adventure sport challenges, Stu delved in the art of yoga. At first he practiced to compliment his competitive sports training regime, but he soon discovered that yoga was more than just a physical exercise and found that his mind and spirit were becoming awakened to a whole new way of being.

With an impressive list of career achievements including becoming the fitness and team development coach for the Oracle BMW Racing team for the 2000 - 2003 Americas Cup, Stu decided to pursue a career as a leadership development consultant and is currently a lead facilitator with the United Nations World Food Program, Oil Search PNG and numerous other companies for which he travels globally, delivering leadership training as well as founding Powerlife Studios.

Stu is passionate about supporting others to achieve their ‘best life’ through the development of personal leadership skills and increased levels of health and wellbeing. It is with this philosophy that Stu and his partner in life, Julie, opened Powerlife Whole Health Studio in Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast in which they call home.

Now sharing the ancient teachings as an instructor of yoga he sees his clients feeling elated rather than exhausted, bringing a sense of wellbeing and balance that is much needed to combat the stresses of the modern world.

“I am known for… my curiosity and sense of humour.”

“My Motto… never stop learning.”

“Cant live without… my wife and kids and my weakness for quality dark chocolate.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… exploring a fulfilling life! Surfing or gone for a coffee.”


Julie Kradolfer | Co-Founder and General Manager

With a life-long passion for fitness, health and nutrition, Julie was destined to create a special connection with the ancient practice of yoga. After discovering its multitude of benefits, Julie gradually replaced her rigorous gym-junkie routine, resigned from the corporate world and welcomed yoga into her heart and daily life.

After training with renowned yoga teachers Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga, Julie found her passion for teaching an energising, yet calming practice which is able to penetrate deep into all the organs and systems of the body to revitalise, rejuvenate, relax and restore.

Julie’s teaching style is dynamic and passionate, warm and attentive to individual needs which has evolved over the years from her own yoga experiences as a student, on-going tuition from renowned trainers and a desire to craft yoga classes that are interesting, creative and free flowing - allowing participants to continually expand, grow, and evolve their practice. Her aim as a teacher is to transform her students' practice on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally with clients leaving Julie's classes feeling a sense of strength and inner-calm.

At first yoga was just a physical practice for Julie, another way to be fit and strong, as well as a great way to tame an active mind. However, she soon felt benefits on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. Julie found that she no longer yearned for beauty on the outside, but instead craved for the blissful, quiet, serenity from within. Learning to “feel” more than “think”. “Be” more than “do”.

In her classes, Julie promotes an atmosphere of trust and caring, which is a primary focus across all aspects of Powerlife. Her poses are modified to suit each person, rather than trying to modify the person to suit the pose - this helps each individual to find the safest and most effective way to practice, with compassion and without judgment.

In Julie's own words "I don’t take yoga too seriously. I highly respect the ancient practice, but I also understand that for a newbie, the yoga room can be a daunting place, so I like to bring a little lightness of heart, happiness, fun and nurture to every class".

“I am known for… my compassion for others, multitasking between mummyhood, managing the studio, teaching and my famous healthy recipes (ebook in the making ;O).”

“My Motto… walk your talk. Be true, be honest, be who you were born to be.”

“Cant live without… bananas and good coffee but seriously my amazing hubby (Stu) and kids who are my world and my mum, dad and sister.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… at home (my soul space) baking for my munchkins, planning classes, interior designing and keeping abreast of the latest wellbeing news.”


Jinet Travers | Yoga & Pilates Instructor

“Life is a sensory experience, breathe it all in, be curious and investigate”. Jinet believes we all have a unique centre, a set of core beliefs that are intrinsic to us. Jinet inspires and guides her students to bring them back to their centre to see themselves as they truly are and encourage them to stand comfortably firm in their own beliefs.

When Jinet is teaching, she is 100% conscious, intuitive and receptive.  She is interested in how her students are feeling and often asks for their response in return. She believes the teacher-student relationship is and should be reciprocal.

Prana (vital energy) being the foundation of yoga. Jinet credits her greatest teacher to be prana, her mat and experiencing the challenges and benefits of the practice she digs deep and invites, encourages and guides her students into a similar experience.

“Yoga - 1%, theory, 99% practice.” The Master Guruji, SRI BKS Iyengar

It all started for Jinet as a teenager, when she stepped to the barre in a ballet class, this became a pivotal moment for her. Ballet nurtured her love and need to move, create, express and to work diligently to bring discipline to a somewhat flighty nature. That discipline has grown with her yoga practice and both have served her well, giving knowledge and insight to each other and she states…”I CAN'T NOT dance and do yoga!”.

“I am known for… flexibility, creativity, details and info (too much of both) and my boot collection.”

“My Motto… to thine own self be true .”

The full quote, “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night, the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”  — Hamlet, William Shakespeare.

“Cant live without… Family and friends, good coffee, music, dance, art and constant stimulation.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… at ballet, painting, seeking out my next amazing vintage find and attending to my cactus garden.”


Daniel Cuming | Yoga Instructor

With a background in martial arts, tai chi, and high intensity interval training, Daniel had been introduced to yoga many times as a recommendation to supplement his training. 

However, Daniel only answered yoga’s call more committedly after an ankle injury prevented him from performing much of his usual movement. At an already tumultuous time in Daniel’s life, losing his ability to move and exercise regularly he felt he was also losing his primary form of self-therapy. 

So Daniel decided to seek out a yoga studio to deepen his practice, and through immersing himself in what he had intended to be a temporary way to safely exercise while injured, he gained a whole new perspective on movement. Gaining the ability to move much more freely and with a new found power and control. As amazing as the physical benefits were, it was the shift in consciousness that brought Daniel to truly fall in love with yoga. 

Daniel found he became much more content, calm and mindful, leading the way for me to return to my previous experience in meditation and movement with renewed enthusiasm and clarity. Unified with my passion for philosophy and playful attitude, Daniel strives to bring all these aspects together into his teaching.

“I am known for… my playful and sometimes unorthodox approach to yoga and life in general. There’s a reason the wise grin during dire situations.”

“My Motto… can be summed up in a quote from one of my favourite authors: “It’s not enough to have your heart in the right place, you must have your hand and arm there too.” — Edred Thorsson.”

“Cant live without… movement and music. It’s truly one of the greatest pleasures of life to connect music that ignites your soul with the freedom and possibilities of human movement.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… traveling the world, writing music, cooking plant-based foods, meditating on the Runes and climbing trees in the forest.”


Erin Horne | Yoga Instructor  

Erin is originally from Vancouver, Canada, where her yoga journey began in 2008 after a spinal injury from a snowboarding accident. She came to the practice seeking physical healing but stumbled across something much more powerful…. A calm mind!  At the end of every class she felt this incredible sense of bliss and relaxation as she stepped back into the world. Over time she found increased strength and flexibility from yoga, but most importantly she found a bit of peace, calm and clarity.

From this clarity came the desire and drive to share this experience with others. She wanted to be the one helping and guiding others to experience this balance of strength and relaxation. In 2014 she began her yoga teacher training and is now a 500 hour certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. However, she still craves knowledge about this insanely complex human body and brain, and endeavours to be a dedicated student for life.

Erin’s classes are fun and flowing with a strong focus on settling the mind and finding that quiet space. She incorporates dynamic movement mixed with aspects of mindfulness to create a balance between strength and stillness.

Erin’s greatest joy now is watching her students leave class with the same expression she had on her face after that first class.

“I am known for… awkward silences, laughing at inappropriate times, teaching epic restorative yoga and yoga nidra, and drinking way too much coffee.”

“My Motto… don’t take anything too seriously.”

“Cant live without… did I mention coffee.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… out in nature, or planning yoga events and retreats, or hopping on a plane to wherever has the cheapest flights (Bali usually wins)”


Natalie Wolski |  Barre, Yoga & Functional Fitness Instructor

As a lover of health and wellbeing, Natalie’s passionate about all forms of exercise and a firm believer in not just focusing on one type of activity but the sum of multiple disciplines. She believes its about finding that balance of self-challenge, commitment undertaken with self-compassion to get real fitness results. Not only does Nat bring Zen to the mat in her yoga classes but brings on the Yang as she loves to get the heart and muscles pumping!

When it comes to finding your fit, Natalie knows her stuff, being highly trained in all functional fitness modalities including TRX, Kettlebell, Boxing and Personal Training as well as Power Yoga, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. And as our resident Ballerina and former dancer of 10 years instructs our Barre classes that are incredibly transforming - we are talking mind, muscle and meaning.

“I am known for… my honesty.”

“My Motto… stay the course, set your sails and head towards your dreams.”

“Cant live without… coffee and fam bam.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… enjoying life with my loved ones.”


Dan Choi | Functional Fitness Instructor

Dan started Taekwondo when he was 4 in South Korea by 10 he began his journey as a Taekwondo athlete and ranked a 5th Dan Black Belt.

His love of movement, the physical body and its athletic potential lead him to study sports coaching and personal training and has worked as head trainer and instructor in various gyms and head instructor for 7yrs at one of Melbourne's renowned Taekwondo Dojos.

With Dan's background in martial arts his approach is driven by his learning’s of his ancient craft and its high ethical traits in which he practices both in the gym and in life itself. His passion is helping people to live an active lifestyle, believing that generating a successful mindset will in turn powerfully and positively impact one's fitness and mental health goals.

“I am known for… Taekwondo Master and Fitness Trainer.”

“My Motto… better than yesterday, now or never.”

“Cant live without… fishing, sushi, training.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… at the Beach, Gym or Brunch at a Cafe or sleeping.”


Kerri Schlomm | Yoga Instructor  

Kerri is a ‘What you see is what you get’ type of person and this is why the community at Powerlife adores her! Her classes are easy-going and generally her sense of humour comes through whilst teaching. But don’t let Kerri’s humour fool you, underneath, Kerri takes her classes seriously and teaches from the heart and has genuine concern for each and every one of her students.

Kerri’s journey started with her love of yoga, which began over 30 years ago. She loved the benefits it gave her and many times had to pull on the resources and tools that she learnt from her practice to get through life.

Fast-forward to 2016, Kerri embarked on her career as a Yoga teacher. She felt that she wanted to help people both mentally and physically.  Kerri has done many workshops to compliment her teacher training. Specialising in Yin Yoga as well as learning counselling, reiki, reflexology, mindfulness and meditation to further enhance her skills. Kerri felt that being a yoga teacher meant that she had to be serious in her delivery. That didn’t last long. In Kerri’s words… “You have to have an ability to laugh at yourself and discover the inner joy on your mat, that is what life’s about”.

“I am known for… my sense of humour!”

“My Motto… out of bad comes good.” Which was my mother’s motto and now mine.

“Cant live without… my family.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… having a coffee and reading a good book or writing stories.”


Peter Angus | Yoga Instructor  

Pete worked as a lighthouse technician for almost 15 years, fitting yoga into his busy fly-in, fly-out schedule, taking his mat with him, Pete has practiced yoga all over Australia, Asia and Papua New Guinea.

Pete’s deep passion for yoga led to him acquiring formal qualification as a yoga teacher in 2017 through Radiant Light Yoga.

With a focus on safe practice and alignment, modifying the pose to suit the practitioner, Pete’s classes combine strength and ease, with smooth transitions, intuitive flows, and appropriate challenges to suit the energy of each class. Incorporating mindful practice, pranayama (breathwork), movement and stillness, his classes encourage self-acceptance, inner peace and a deeper understanding of Self.

Always a student, Pete regularly attends further education workshops, having studied with Adam Bornstein, Simon Borg-Olivier, Les Levanthal, Tanya Zappala, Debra King, Annie Au, and many other experienced teachers.

Pete’s eagerness to help others has seen him complete a course in therapeutic massage and train as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner.

“I am known for…loving life barefoot.”

“My Motto… I can either feel the rain, or just get wet!!!”

“Cant live without… movement, healthy food and some sweet treats.”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… walking on the beach, swimming in the surf, meditating, enjoying satsang and kirtan, cuddling my adopted cat.”


Rebecca Bornstein | Yoga Instructor & Kids Yoga Instructor

Raised in a yoga community by two yoga teachers, Rebecca has been practicing yoga for as long as she can remember! She has seen first hand the lasting benefits of a regular yoga practice and loves sharing this ancient practice with others.

Rebecca has been teaching yoga for the past 13 years to a variety of skill levels and ages including children and teenagers. She loves to combine rhythmic breath and flowing, dynamic movement with subtle alignment cues that can bring each pose to life.

Rebecca has also been a practitioner of Ayurveda for the last 8 years, offering Ayurvedic consultations, massage and cooking lessons from her clinic in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. She is also a student Dietitian, and is passionate about helping others to achieve lasting balance and wellbeing through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

With all the busyness of daily life, Rebecca finds yoga is a deep and soulful way to connect to that inner place of calm, to tap into a place of renewal and groundedness and then return refreshed to approach and embrace life with new insight. She loves the combination of sustainable fitness and mental clarity that yoga brings.

In her classes, Rebecca guides her students to dynamically challenge themselves while maintaining an attitude of curiosity and self-care, exploring each pose with fresh eyes.

“I am known for… braving that unmarked trail through the bush, exploring and dissecting interesting facts and ideas, breaking into song at random moments.”

“My Motto... life is short, make it count.”

“Cant live without... my dog, nature, cooking, singing, poetry, chai, music and yoga!”

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me… studying, walking on the beach or in the bush, cooking up new recipes, writing songs.”



Astrid is a registered counsellor/psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher with 10 years of experience. Astrid is passionate about the therapy process as a catalyst for change, healing and growth, and has a deep trust in people’s own capacities to overcome their difficulties. She has found the combination of mindfulness meditation and counselling/psychotherapy a very powerful one, leading to much faster and deeper changes than either of those modalities by itself.

Astrid has a special interest in the interconnectedness of mind and body, which partially sprung from her own experience of living as a disembodied (and very over-active!) mind for the first 30 or so years of her life, and the profound changes and benefits she experienced when learning to  be embodied.

Astrid’s style of counselling is gentle, caring and attentive, and people often comment that they find it easy to talk to her. Astrid draws on a range of psychotherapeutic modalities, for more information on these, please have a look at our psychotherapy page.

“I am known for... being kind and a good listener, spoiling my dog (and any other animals I get a chance to), teaching mindfulness, loving gardening, getting a little carried away sometimes with the amount of things-to-do I take on."

“My Motto... it’s about really living life: feeling authentic and alive, and that you are expressing who and what you really are, not about how long you live." 

“Cant live without... connections to like-minded people and to nature."

“If I am not in the studio, you will find me... this could be anywhere! I enjoy the freedom that comes with being self-employed.”