Connecting with your growing baby, feeling their blissful presence cradled within you…



Yogamamma (Pre-Natal Yoga)

Enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga for Mums-to-be as you share your journey into Motherhood. With Yoga, Mums-to-be can learn to cope, feel supported and positive through the emotional and physical path towards the birth of their precious little one as well as entering into one of the most significant time in their life - Motherhood.

Our Yogamamma classes are gentle and nurturing whilst building strength, stability and stamina needed for birthing and post-natal recovery. Yoga for pregnancy allows for quality “time-out” from the outside busyness of life to relax, restore and fully connect with your growing baby, feeling their blissful presence cradled within you. You will feel yourself bonding and getting to know this beautiful, unique being - your baby, as they develop and grow each week. A truly special time.

Learn how to prepare your body for a positive and joyful birth through yoga breathing techniques to help you remain calm and focussed throughout your pregnancy journey to birth.

Yoga is the perfect way to assist the body to accommodate the immense and physiological changes through the stages of pregnancy and ultimately labour. Staying fit, healthy and active is crucial for a mum's wellbeing as well as her baby’s.

We will teach you relaxation postures and mindfulness so you have the skills you need to move from possibly feeling apprehensive to being reassured and excited, not only throughout your pregnancy and labour but beyond, as you take on your new role as a Mum.

Feel confident in knowing you have the skills from our classes to enter your birthing experience calm, focused and joyful for the exciting delivery of your baby.


The benefits of Pre Natal Yoga:

  • Share the journey with other Mums-to-be.

  • A supported, positive space to just be and bond with your baby.

  • A gentle and nurturing practice.

  • Relax, restore and connect with your baby.

  • Learn how Oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the "love hormone," supports mothers and babies through the birthing process.

  • Discover how the use of sound, breathing techniques and gentle yoga moves helps ease labour.

  • Build strength and stamina for birth, recovery and beyond.


What to bring to class:

  • Yoga mats provided

  • 2 cushions

  • Comfortable exercise clothes

  • Socks and a blanket in the cooler months

  • A water bottle.


Pre-natal Yoga Classes


5 week Term Pass.

$125, 1 weekly class for 5 consecutive weeks.

Suitable from 12 weeks to Birth.

*No credits for missed classes.


Single Casual Class.

$30 / class.

Suitable from 12 weeks to Birth.


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What our Yogamammas say

........Thanks Ann for all your amazing support throughout my pregnancy. My baby negotiated my pelvis with difficulty but in the end there was no need to use assistance. Without your emotional guidance, breathing and poses, I would have not been able to birth naturally and drug free!”
......We have had an amazing calm and drug free birth, bub is already breast feeding!”
.....Baby came very quickly, nearly had her in the car! The Breathing exercises you taught us really helped.”
...... The enjoyable and gentle stretching and strengthening postures kept me in good shape during pregnancy and helped me to bounce back after bubs was born and the breathing techniques really helped me during labour.”