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Phalavani (Persian MOVEMENT)

Perhaps the oldest form of fitness training in the history of man, Phalavani originated in Persia some 2500 years ago. It is a strong, invigorating and challenging form of physical movement, yet it is also simple and accessible.

Phalavani combines agility and strength exercises while also incorporating club swinging to develop powerful shoulders, strong core, incredible mobility, muscle endurance, coordination and cardio vascular health. Phalavani is a totally unique art that represents a completely integrated form of exercise. Using props such as push-up boards, clubs and shields it combines athletic movement with a deep ethical, moral and spiritual aspect to awaken the warrior within!

Suitable for the fit beginner, the more experienced and elite athletes.


Phalavani Fundamentals (DEmonstarted in the Phalavani class)

Learn the basic principles of Phalavani:

Fundamentals of Shena

The most ancient calisthenics tool! The Shena is time tested to deliver results like no other similar device. It enables a wider variety of push-ups and improves ROM, strength, flexibility of shoulders and hips.

Fundamentals of Meel

Meel (circular strength training), the grandfather of the Clubbell and Indian Clubs. The Original & Authentic Persian Meel, made from one piece of timber for exceptional balance, symmetry and swing performance. Used for thousands of years by both ancient warriors and modern martial artists to develop great strength, power, endurance, mobility, stability and synchronicity of the shoulders.

In Phalavani, the physical activities are emphasised as a means of promoting inner strength through outer strength in a process meant to cultivate what we call Javanmardi (chivalry or righteousness). The ideal practitioner is meant to embody such moral and ethical traits as honesty, courage, generosity, kindness and humility. These are universal values that transcend cultural, religious or national boundaries and makes Phalavani not only a physical conditioning system but an art that develops the being...evolving it towards physical, mental and spiritual unity.
— Kashi Azad, Founder Persian Yoga Australia (Phalavani)
Since beginning classes at Powerlife, my body and mind have been more relaxed for days following. I have achieved greater flexibility and strength, which I feel has helped my general wellbeing and also my surfing ability. If I miss just one week of classes I can feel my body starting to tighten up, and I know it’s time to get back to the mat!
— Craig, Aircraft Engineer & Surfer