Long, lean, strong and aligned…



If you truly want to up the ante in your fitness, muscle endurance, and have yearned for longer, leaner more defined muscle tone, BARRE is your class.

It's a full-body, high-intensity workout that combines Pilates work, short cardio intervals, functional and ballet movements using a pilates ball and/or resistance band to raise the heart rate and get your body firing into your fat burning zone.

Our 50-minute BARRE class will make you sweat, strong and you will feel aligned, balanced and centred.

After your first BARRE workout, you will feel it in places you never knew existed! It will certainly fast-track you to long, lean muscles as well as stretching your body from top to bottom.

Suitable for all fitness levels and all abilities catered for (men, pregnancy and active seniors) NO experience required of ballet or pilates.

Since beginning classes at Powerlife, my body and mind have been more relaxed for days following. I have achieved greater flexibility and strength, which I feel has helped my general wellbeing and also my surfing ability. If I miss just one week of classes I can feel my body starting to tighten up, and I know it’s time to get back to the studio!
— Craig, Aircraft Engineer & Surfer