Welcome to your first step towards your best self and wellbeing for life.



Entering our studio is like stepping into an old friend's house. A sense of familiarity will make you feel instantly at home as this space represents a passion and authenticity you will rarely find in most sterile fitness and yoga studios.

From our candle-lined walls, to our lush therapy rooms on the mezzanine floor to the alluring aroma of freshly brewed organic chai tea and the soft, joyful chatter of friends - there's a vibrant energy present throughout our whole place.

Built with soul, love and compassion…

Purpose-built by founders Julie Kradolfer and Stu Harrison, Powerlife represents the essence of whole health from the smallest design features to the open, unique layout and welcoming energy and community that exists within the studio. 

What a wonderful, peaceful, happy, vibe at Powerlife that both Julie and Stu have created!
— Nicole, Beauty Therapist
Powerlife is like my second home, it is warm and inviting and has a great community feel about it. Both Julie and Stuart teach their classes with guidance and passion in a non-competitive environment and always with a little laughter, banter and light heartedness.

Thank you Julie and Stuart for your professionalism, enthusiasm, encouragement and friendship!! What you have created is exactly what I had been looking for!!
— Rosa, Hotel Manager and Runner