Experience a balanced and innovative approach to fitness and wellbeing.



Our methods are based on improving the 3 Pillars of Life; M3 - Mind, Muscle and Meaning™. By sharing and promoting the wisdom of the ancient arts (yoga), combined with the latest science and training techniques, we support and encourage individuals to achieve sustained success, allowing each person to experience the fullness of life – a Powerlife! 

Powerlife is the antithesis of a conventional gym. As a studio, our focus is high on service (you are the most important person) and on community. We do not advocate or partake in ‘extreme’ exercise (HIIT, Crossfit, Bootcamp etc) as we believe exercise should be about ‘function’ rather than pure performance. We also believe that the more enjoyable exercise is, the more sustainable it is, which leads to health and fitness for longevity. Our focus is purely based on mobility, stability, community and mental/emotional resilience. 

Egos are left at the door…


Our Principals

1. We teach with compassion, helping clients to open their heart’s and feel a true quality of self. We encourage an attitude of self-love and self-acceptance, gradually moving deeper into self-understanding and providing an atmosphere of trust and care.

2. We modify the movement to the person, rather than the person to the movement; helping each individual to find the most comfortable and effective way to practice with judgement-free consideration of the individual’s needs and desires.

3. We teach proper alignment, technique and safety, enhancing the full benefits of the movements and avoiding any injury or discomfort.

4. We emphasise a smooth transition between postures and movements; transforming each session into an exercise of self-awareness. In this way, we stay completely present throughout the entire practice.

5. We practice with enough intensity to keep the mind present while still listening to the body’s internal wisdom in order to sustain a practice which is self-nurturing and effective.

6. We respect the ancient teachings of yoga, functional fitness and whole health by creating a sacred and secure space for personal growth and self-awareness.  

My experience with Powerlife has actually been life changing! I started with Powerlife as a raw beginner trying a yoga class. The reason I chose Powerlife studios was because of it’s welcoming and encouraging environment, not at all intimidating which, as a novice was important to me.

Since that day I have not looked back and I have been totally embraced by and committed to the Powerlife way of life - which has filled a gab that I didn’t even know existed.
— Katie, Business Owner and Mum of 2
Powerlife has been all that I had hoped it would be and more. Since joining Powerlife I have noticed that my flexibility has improved, I’m a lot stronger and have better joint mobility. What makes it a little different from most yoga studios is the variety of classes. Catering for all levels, which is a credit to the instructors.
— Rosa, Hotel Administration and Runner