Nutrition & Food Coaching

Discover the beauty of eating real, nutritionally-dense wholefoods. The benefits include increased energy and vitality, sustainable weight loss, improved sleep, body confidence and higher levels of general health.

Learn delicious, easy-to-make recipes that are suitable for the busiest of lifestyles. No fads, no gimmicks, no strict diets.

Consultations are tailored specifically to your individual needs and lifestyle, guided by your own comfort levels.

Our health coaches will support and empower you to have a wholesome relationship with your body, mind and food; fostering positive self-awareness. During consultations we will work with you to create simple and realistic meal plans and menus that will help you achieve your goals, whether they be weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep or perhaps just general wellbeing! 

If you find diet fads confusing and end up feeling disappointed, bored, tired and hungry when you try them… come and talk to one of our health coaches and discover sustainable results for the long term.


Initial Consultation - $100

Follow up Consultations - $70

HICAPS available