Naturopathy endeavours to discover and treat the underlying cause of an illness, not just the symptoms.

During a consultation, your body, diet, lifestyle, habits, stressors, thoughts and emotions are considered and from this an individualised treatment plan is created based upon your unique needs.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health - focusing on promoting vitality and wellness. It is based on natural principles, nutrient rich, whole foods and the use of herbal medicines to optimise health and wellbeing. 

What Naturopathy can achieve:

  • Increased energy and vitality 
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle habits 
  • Improved immunity 
  • Weight management and improved metabolism 
  • Resolve digestive upset
  • Improved digestive function and nutrient absorption
  • Eliminate allergies (skin conditions, food intolerances)
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and help alleviate depression
  • Manage hormonal imbalances


Initial Consultation - $100

Follow up Consultations - $70

HICAPS available