Welcome to the greatest journey of all…the journey within.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Discover a deep trust that opens you up to exquisite new ways of looking at yourself, the world, and those around you. When we practice mindfulness, we become more present to the beauty of our life as it unfolds right around us. It enables us to make the most of this present moment, rather than being caught up in worrying about the future, ruminating about the past, or daydreaming about some other, better life.   

Our meditation and mindfulness courses are a form of awareness training that helps you relate differently to your day-to-day experiences, and to respond more effectively to challenges. It involves paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations in a way that increases awareness, acceptance and self-compassion and which helps in managing difficult experiences and creating the space to make the right choices for ourselves.

Learn easy, practical meditation and mindfulness techniques to apply in your daily life. 

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are:

  • Promotes vitality, energy and enthusiasm

  • Greater clarity and focus

  • Improved relaxation

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased ability to manage stressful situations

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Improved sleep and general mood

  • Improved concentration

  • An overall state of wellbeing and inner happiness

Up and Coming Courses:

 No Courses currently, but PLease contact us of your interest.

Past Courses:

OCTOBER 24, 2018


"Find Your Inner Balance"

Feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?
Do you have a short fuse sometimes?
Would you like to enjoy your life more?
Learning mindfulness will help and start to live the life you deserve, NOW! 

What you can expect from this course?

·       Feeling calmer and more focused with a clear-head

·       Greater capacity to cope effectively with stressful events and challenging life circumstances

·       A decrease in negative thinking patterns

·       Reduction in stress, anxiety, irritability and low mood

·       Improved relationships

·       Improved sleep

·       Improved self-confidence and  self-kindness

·       And more enjoyment in life!

Course Facilitator: Astrid de Ruiter, an internationally certified mindfulness teacher, counsellor/psychotherapist, teaching mindfulness to groups and individuals for over 10 yrs.

Starts Tuesday 24th October 6.30-8pm at Powerlife Studios, Moffat Beach for 6 weeks. One-day retreat Sunday 26th November 2017.
Cost: Early Bird Rate $225 (Reg and pay by 15th Oct) or $245.

Contact us to register or call Julie on 0402 092 638.

Mindfulness is a very down to earth meditation practice, which is why it appeals to so many people. Through practicing mindfulness, people start to experience more of a sense of delight in their sensory experiences when they are, for example, walking on the beach... enjoying the smell of the salty spray in the air, the feel of the sand underneath their feet, marvelling at the beauty of the sky, the ocean, the waves, experiencing the contagious joy of dogs being deliriously happy…
— Astrid, Powerlife Mindfulness Teacher