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COUNSelling for women

Our counsellor, Catherine is a trained mental health professional, with over 20 years’ experience in working with mind, body and spirit problems such as trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, addiction, relationship difficulties and general life and health issues.

A Counsellor is an experienced guide who assists their clients to work through blocks to life goals and dreams. Repetitive unwanted patterns of thinking, feeling and/or behaving are uncovered to expose and explore new, fresh and functional ways of moving toward a person’s true potential.

Perhaps you want to make a change, but you don’t know where or how to start?  Often this is not easy to do alone. You don’t have to! With the right support and encouragement from a counsellor, you will be able to create a bright, exciting future and walk confidently towards living a fulfilled, contented and powerful life!

How Counselling can help:

  • Take charge of your life

  • Grow your confidence

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Build a positive mind-set

  • Discover your best self

  • Reawaken your purpose

  • Improve your lifestyle

  • Follow your dreams

Catherine works upstairs in our Professional Consult rooms at Powerlife and is available for some after-hours appointments.

Catherine’s Qualifications: RN, BN, Cert Bereavement Couns, MA (Women’s Studies), PGD Adv Psych Nsing, Dip Couns.

Contact Catherine to make an appointment on 0477 000 054 or email


1hr Session, $100

Special offer: First session half price until January 2019!

“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional” 
- Catherine, Principal First Things First - Counselling for Women”

“You will be invited to honour your past, to take stock of your present and to create possibilities for your future”
— Stu Harrison, Co-founder & Principal of Powerlife