Happy and healthy, present little warriors…


Kids Yoga

At Powerlife, our kids classes are captivating and fun. We use words, imagination and playfulness so it feels right for their world.

Your little one will enjoy yoga adventures as we tell stories through yoga poses, allowing them to explore their inner creativity through movement and to express themselves freely without fear of judgement.

We aim to help your child become stronger, calmer and wiser and teach ways to cultivate focus and inner calm – the spirit of a true little Warrior!

Through easy-to-learn traditional yoga poses and breath techniques we help your child to build mental and physical strength, resilience and persistence, self-awareness and self-love, confidence and compassion.

We will bring a little ‘Zen” into their busy, and at times overwhelming worlds, with each class finishing with a relaxed guided meditation to assist in alleviating stress, managing emotions and reducing anxiety.

“Our intention is to help them to become happier, healthier and more present little humans.”
— Julie Kradolfer, Co-Founder Powerlife

The benefits of Kids Yoga:

  • Cultivates calmness in your child and therefore they are able to bring back this harmony into the family unit.

  • Having the freedom to explore their inner creativity, emotional and mental selves through movement and imagination.

  • Encourages children to express themselves freely without fear of judgement.

  • A non-competitive group activity to help kids to feel empowered and confident to be who ever they want to be.

  • Learn self-calming techniques through breath and affirmation, to assist in alleviating stress, managing emotions and to better cope when the outside world gets overwhelming.

  • Make new friends and connect positive with others.

  • Leave with a smile and a joyful heart!


What to bring to class:

  • Yoga mats and props provided.

  • Comfortable exercise clothes, such as tights, long shorts and a fitted or tucked in top. (Avoid skirts for girls and gaping tops).

  • Long hair to be tied up. 

  • A water bottle.


Kids Yoga Classes



Little Warriors | Age 6-12YRS

Commences Thursday 25/07/19 to 12/09/19.
Class Duration: 3.30pm-4.15pm

$100 term pass, 1 weekly class over 8 weeks.

Trail class $12.50, can be credited to the term pass if continuing.
No credits for missed classes.

Begins Thursday 2nd week into Term 3 and
ends Thursday 2nd to last week of Term 3.

Can join once term commences, please contact us for details.

Wise Warriors | Age 12-15yrs

Please contact us to register your interest.

Yogi Bears | Age 4-5yrs

Please contact us to register your interest.

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