A complete form of physical fitness and muscular endurance.


Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs involves performing a variety of flowing, energetic exercises whilst holding weighted clubs.

This class builds muscle power, strength, coordination and activates the integral core muscles of your shoulder girdle, back and lower body.

This unique, yet ancient practice is not only beneficial for the body, but also the BRAIN! There is a vast array of neural ‘real estate’ reserved in the brain for the feet and hands. This network travels through the spinal chord and stimulates the whole shoulder girdle as well as the arms and hands.

The constantly changing centre of gravity (whilst swinging the club) means the brain needs to constantly adjust the muscle commands in order to stay balanced and maintain homeostasis. This subtle adaptation activates the core muscles and fascia to create a properly functioning sequence of muscle activation throughout the body.

Originating in Persia some 2000 years ago. This ancient practice carries much wisdom for our modern world. Indian Clubs is the perfect exercise to counter the negative effects of sitting in a chair for long periods - the curse of the modern workplace!
Benefits include:

  • Increased cardio fitness
  • Conditioning of the shoulders, back, lower body and core
  • Increase in fat burn
  • Enhances muscle endurance and power
  • Encourages activation of the neural sensory and motor systems in the body and well as the brain and body.
  • Better coordination by increasing or re-awakening the neural networks giving us better command and control over the limbs and body.
  • Greater left, right brain interaction and also increase periphery awareness and proprioception. (Proprioception - one's own grasp of one’s own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in any given movement).

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Our focus is purely based on mobility, stability and emotional resilience.
— Stu Harrison, Co-founder and Principal of Powerlife
At 56, Powerlife’s Indian Clubs classes are just what I needed to keep me enjoying all my water activities. I am feeling a lot more flexible, stronger, and have also lost a few kilos! My general wellbeing has greatly improved, and I’ve noticed I’m quicker to my feet when surfing. The personal touches and enthusiasm that are incorporated into every session makes it a pleasure to attend.
— Mark, Young Active Retiree and Surfer