Create a healthy, happy, productive workplace.


Corporate WellbeinG

Powerlife offers Corporate Wellbeing programs that can include yoga, mindfulness and meditation, strength and conditioning sessions as well as nutrition workshops to create a healthy workplace. These programs assist employees as well as employers in the management of stressful work environments and the promotion of a healthy, happy, productive and positive workplace.

Our qualified yoga teachers, fitness trainers and health coaches can either perform sessions at the workplace or at our beautiful purpose built yoga studio and gym in Moffat Beach.

Whether you are seeking wellbeing programs for team building, increased productivity, decreased sick days or stress reduction, we have the experience to support your team and will ensure that the sessions are accessible to every one.


The cost of stress

Stress affects an individual's capacity to perform and remain productive. Research suggests that healthy employees are three times more productive than unhealthy employees and unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than healthy employees.

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