Core strength, stability and mobility from the inside out.



Pilates focuses on the deep postural muscles, mainly the deep abdominal muscles, (the corset muscles) which help to support and protect your spine.

As well as the abdominals, other areas of the body are strengthened and stabilised (without becoming tight) such as the hips, buttocks, lower back and shoulders.

The key principles of Pilates are: breathing, centering, concentration, flowing movement, precision, control and alignment.

Widely recommended by health professionals, Pilates has proven to be an effective and safe method for rehabilitation after injury, to improve posture and correct alignment and muscle imbalance.   

Our exercises are technique-based with focused attention and control. You will connect your mind to your muscles and feel the effects from within.

Suitable for: All ages and levels of fitness, from the beginner to the fitter individual and sport enthusiast. Easily modified to suit a range of strengths and ability and also to accommodate needs associated with conditions and injuries.


A fusion of the ancient practice of Yoga from the east and posture enhancing dynamics of Pilates from the west. Working from the inside out, Yogalates improves body awareness and alignment to help develop proper movement patterns that we use in our daily lives.

Yogalates awakens and strengthens the core muscles through Pilates movement while incorporating the asana (postures) of Yoga and its wonderful applied wisdom. We practice mindfully using the breath; the ease of breath, ease of pose and ease of mind enhancing a flow of calm, yet energised vitality through the body.

The use of resistance bands and/or Pilates balls are functionally used which assist with stretches, rotations and resistance (which replicate some of the exercises on the Pilates machines). These help open the hip joints as well as warm the muscles. Through our guided class you will learn to recruitment your core strength in static holds, slow flow movements, standing and balancing postures with ease and efficiency as you fine-tune the core of body.

Every class is concluded with time dedicated to relax in Savasana.

Suitable for: All ages and levels of fitness.


Benefits of Pilates:

  • Addresses posture and alignment

  • Promotes and improves core stability

  • Tones and lengthens muscles

  • Improves flexibility, co-ordination and balance

  • Encourages pelvic and abdominal strength and support

  • Assists in reducing muscular pain

  • Produces a general feeling of wellbeing

History of Pilates

The Pilates Method is not a new age phenomenon, but has in fact been around for some 85 years or more.  Its founder Joseph Pilates was born in Germany. He grew up plagued by rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever and through his determination to overcome his health problems he studied and developed an exercise programme that assisted in restoring him to optimal health. Many of the exercise beliefs he researched dated back to the Greeks and the Romans and through his programme he gained enough strength to become an accomplished body builder, diver, skier and gymnast.

In 10 sessions you will feel the difference…in 20 you will see the 30 you will have a whole new body
— Joseph Pilates, Inventor of Pilates


Amp up the pace of your usual fitness regime…


If strength, great core and agility is what you're looking for then our BoxFit class is it!

BoxFit is a perfect combination of core stability and conditioning, spinal strength plus cardio. This class will sharpen the reflexes, connect the entire body - requiring you to think, change position and your posture. This will improve mental function and not to mention getting your body into its fat-burning zone! 

Boxfit will amp up the pace of your usual fitness regime. Its a heap of fun and considered superior when it comes to upper-body strength, core, back and leg conditioning, as well as build muscle endurance for your other favourite classes and active past-times. And what we loooove, is it promotes a bit of muscle definition - yeah baby!

NOW dont be shy, its totally non-agressive and for all levels of fitness even those that have never pulled on a pair of gloves before. Trust us there’s no getting into a ring or taking any punches ;O)

In all our BoxFit classes we also include Core focused work and Pilates. A sequence of exercises that builds strength, muscular endurance and functional movement in the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back as well as strengthening all stabilising muscles of the body.

Suitable for all levels, beginners to the more experienced.

The classes you offer are an amazing blue print for longevity in health and wellbeing. Big thanks to Powerlife for keeping me strong.
— Sue, Young and Active Retiree and Marathon Runner
Having an ongoing back injury from Cricket, the Boxfit and Pilates classes offers a great opportunity for me to focus on my own needs, but in a class environment. It allows me to feel more prepared for what is always a busy day, improving my core stability, back mobility and flexibility.
— Nick, Primary School Teacher and Ex-Cricketer